We would like to introduce to you the Manba Annual Membership. We have been working hard in the background to bring this membership together for you. At Manba we are determined to provide the best quality service as Manba deal sourcers for our Manba investors separating ourselves from the pack. We aim to provide a bespoke and non-bespoke service to all Manba investors.

The membership requires you to pay an upfront fee of £1000.00 for an annual membership and the key feature you will receive in return is 36 hour EARLY ACCESS to all packaged deals that pass through our meticulous due diligence process. You will receive these deals as part of the membership via email and you will have 36 hours to take action before the deal is sent to the remainder of our non-members.

For the first 7 Investors to take action and join the Manba movement they will receive a LIFETIME membership for there £1000.00 fee. ALL members will receive our GOLD discount which is a 5% discount off the sourcing fee for the first 3 deals. Furthermore we will upgrade you to our PLATINUM discount where we will DOUBLE the discount to 10% off the sourcing fee from 4 deals PLUS. Anyone who joins after the first 7 will be subject to annual renewal fees to remain part of the membership.

What is included?

  • Be the first to access deals.
  • Receive deals 36 hours before non-members.
  • Automatic enrolment to manba Gold which gives you 5% off our fee on your first 3 deals.
  • Manba Platinum invitation which includes 10% off our fee from 4 deals upwards.
  • You will receive monthly updates about the Manba movement and the current market conditions.
  • You will receive a discount on upcoming Manba discovery days held at our head offices in Birmingham City Centre.
  • You will get 50% off the first 2 of our exclusive monthly network meetings you attend.