Why Manba?

Manba is a fully compliant fully functional property sourcing company. Manba is based in Birmingham Midlands. This is an ideal location to source investments in the midlands and pushing out nationwide leveraging others skills as well as maximising our own. Manbs is made up of 3 individuals all of which have their own unique skill sets, property experiences and networks. “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much”.

What is the importance of compliance?

At Manba we take compliance very seriously. You will find many property sourcers up to 90-95% are not fully compliant. At Manba we have a good understanding of the relevant legislation and regulation. Manba have professional indemnity insurance plus other relevant insurances. Manba are registered with a government approved property redress scheme. Manba constantly keep up to date with the relevant changes to legislation and in the market.

Why should I purchase a property through a sourcing company?

It is a fantastic idea to purchase a property investment through Manba as we offer time, knowledge and an end to end service. It is a complete hands off experience for our investors if that is what they desire. We cater a bespoke service for every investor. We also source off market deals and negotiate a BMV price.

Who is Manba’s ideal investor?

Cash buyers, someone who wants to purchase an investment at a discounted rate or net purchase price. At Manba we can also lend a helping hand to refer you to our brokers and refinance specialists if you wish to refinance.

Finance buyers who would prefer to purchase at a discounted rate by acquiring finance. This will enable you to purchase below market property investments even if you have low funds.

Portfolio purchasers, High networth individuals and private equity funds. Each investor we deal with has a different criteria. We pride ourselves on providing a bespoke service for each investor.

What are the benefits of the Manba Membership?

By being part of the Manba Membership you will receive first access to deals 36 hours before our qualified investor list. You will also receive a discount on our Manba discovery days. You will also be enrolled into our Manba Gold and Manba Platinum packages.

How do I purchase a property through Manba?

We source our properties through multiple avenues once a property has passed our meticulous due diligence process we will send brochures to our investors via email and the properties come on a first come first serve basis. If you are part of the Manba Membership you will receive these 36 hours prior if no decision is made the property will then be released to our qualified investor list.