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At Manba we work with worldwide property investors and other property deal
sources alike. We provide a full end to end hands-off experience for investors. We pride ourselves on delivering a 5* service with high ROI’s. We also offer an alternative service for all compliant and non-compliant property deal sources.

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Investor and Marketing Specialist

My name is James and I come from a background of sports and direct sales. I have always had a strong work ethic and entrepreneurial spirit. From a young age between 13-16 I had a paper round and I used to go door to door washing cars. I have always been very social and I am undoubtedly a people person. I like to push comfort zones and decided to fly out to America to participate in the Camp America Scheme working on a summer camp as a counsellor for 3 months with deprived underprivileged children in New Jersey.

I believe it is important to give back and make an impact in any shape or form where possible. After working and travelling America I returned to the U.K. unsure of what path to take always knowing I would be successful but unsure of how. I knew I needed experience so I applied for sales roles and fell into a role in direct f2f sales with a company in Leicester. I went on to sell various products and services from Charities, Credit Cards, Utilities (Gas&Electric), Discount mobile apps in shopping centres and door to door. I then went on to open my own limited company where I had a team that would go out and sell on my behalf so I could focus on scaling the business and the management side. At the companies peak I managed 27 sales reps. I have always had an interest in property growing up as my father runs his own portfolio of 1M+ so it is something I have always been exposed to and seen myself doing in the future.

I reached a point in late 2018 and thought property is what I want to do and what I have envisioned and time is moving on and you cannot reclaim time and that is when I started my property journey coming together and leveraging others skills sets we set up Manba LTD with myself and my 2 business partners. Having educated myself attended multiple property related courses and completing multiple home studies. I plan to continue to educate myself and scale Manba LTD to reach the optimum potential we possess



Systems and Processes Specialist

My name is Phinehas I have a background in sports, financial and logistics. I started SREG because I was tired of seeing my personal struggles go nowhere and wanted to improve my life while impacting others at the same time this is due to my young origins in which I used to spend my summer holidays volunteering at play schemes so giving back to the community is very important to me.

When I was 16 I started a gardening business called Phonixx gardens at its height I had 7 people working for me until I closed this company just before my 22 birthday. I have attended training courses on Single lets, Houses of multiple occupancy (HMO), Rent to Rent (R2R), social housing, Purchase Lease Options (PLO), property sourcing and packaging.

I plan to continue to train and within the next 8 months I plan to do a property
12 month Mastermind course to maximise my chances and profits for future projects. I enjoy reading, watching history and engineering documentaries. I especially enjoy going bike riding and go karting which really clears my head space enabling me to focus on business.

I used to be a high jumper where for a brief spell I was the number 1 high jumper in the whole of the U.K. and would compete in regular competitions in the U.K. and Internationally.



Deals and Sales Specialist

My name is Ben and I come from a background of gardening and sales. From a young age I have always had a strong work ethic. I started gardening from 16 - 21 consisting of 12 hours a day. I always saw myself being involved in property later down the line but in what capacity I was unsure.

I stepped away from gardening and made a bold move from Birmingham to London I think it is always important to seek opportunities and take risks. I took up a door to door sales role in London where I built up some phenomenal skills. From the sales role I transitioned into property working with a friend on his Rent to Rent business taking it from 9 properties to 50 properties in 5 months. With the success from this venture I decided to go alone and move back to the midlands with my family and set up my own Rent to Rent business for my son’s legacy.

I have a wealth of property experience having already attended multiple courses regarding multiple strategies. I have been involved in property for 3+ years. Going on to set up Manba I plan to continue to educate myself through various courses so I can adapt with the market and take Manba to new heights.


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